Nov 17, 2012

"Snow On Snow": Free Holiday EP Out Now!

Today, I released my holiday EP Snow On Snow for free download! It's my Christmas gift for you. Download it for free now.

I've always wanted to release a Christmas record. So this year I decided to thank all of my friends that have supported my music by recording a magical collection of tunes inspired by the season. Snow On Snow is my gift to you (click here to get the free download!). It includes several original songs (including a fun duo with Georgia Rae called "On New Year's Day") as well as my arrangement of some traditional carols. These songs capture the chilly melancholy and warm romance of wintertime evenings.

This is my way of saying "Thank you" for supporting me and my music through the years! Why not spread the holiday cheer, and share the link with a friend.

Much love!

PS: Looking for a perfect gift for the holiday season? Why not order the special edition of "Strange Currents" for just $13... it includes 2 CDs of music in a card-fold case (illustrated by Spanish artist Conrad Roset) and a special poster! New music... no better gift for a music lover.

Aug 27, 2012

"Strange Currents" now available through Shadeland Sounds!

I'm excited to say that my debut double-album Strange Currents is available now from Shadeland Sounds, and will be released to all fine digital music outlets on October 23rd!

For just $13, you can order the special 2-CD package featuring the gorgeous gate-fold album (with art by Conrad Roset) and an exclusive poster (designed by Quentin Debelloir)!

Order and stream the entire album now! 

Strange Currents is an incredibly personal, ambitious musical journey. These 23 tracks are a series of postcards from the places I've been emotionally and geographically these last two years.

The songs on this record began amidst personal crisis, and the melodies capture the joy, the heartbreak, and longing of life. The sounds capture my love for melody and experimentation, my fixation with pop hooks and electronic tinkering. The album looks good too, featuring art from renown Spanish artist Conrad Roset ( I was also able to work with one of my favorite musicians Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric, the Faint, Deer & the Headlights) to finish up the record.

These songs are melodies for us to sing together, dreaming for a better world.

Aug 21, 2012

Thanks to all who downloaded "Freedom to Find EP"!

Strange Currents is available now!
I would like to thank everyone who downloaded my summertime gift to you--the Freedom to Find EP.

The EP, no longer available for download, was a little teaser for a record I'm really excited to release: Strange Currents.

Strange Currents is a really special record, and if you downloaded the free EP, I hope you check it out! It is an ambitious, personal record featuring 23 tracks on 2 CDs.

You can get it now from Shadeland Sounds at my Music Store (just click the button at the top of the page).

Strange Currents will be available through all fine digital music outlets on October 23rd!

Jun 13, 2012

"Freedom to Find EP" is out now for free download!

The new Freedom to Find EP is now available for free download!

The new EP is my gift to you for summertime. So grab a glass of lemonade (or summertime drink of choice) and spin these 6 tunes.

These songs are off of the forthcoming double-album Strange Currents (out August 21), and capture the catchier, get-stuck-in-your-head indie pop of my music.

Click on the "Get the free EP" button above to download the music. Or you can visit my Bandcamp Music Store to download the music directly. The EP is also available for free download from Noisetrade.

Jun 10, 2012

"Freedom to FInd EP" Coming In 2 days!

In just 2 days, on June 12th, the debut Brave the River EP is coming out for free download!

Freedom to Find is a collection of 6 songs that explores the catchier, melodic side of my songwriting. It's my gift for you for summer, and I hope that you share it with your friends!

Keep your eyes here, on the website, for access to the EP when it releases as a high-quality download.

Plus, you can click here to stream the entire thing right now!

The EP includes "This Dying Age," "Just Daydreaming," "Too Hard A Lover, Too Strong A Fighter," "World-Weary Girl," "Freedom To Find," and "Strange Currents."It has been mastered by one of my favorite musicians and producers, Ronnie Martin (of Joy Electric).

Get excited! Just two days until release!

Jun 5, 2012

It's Summertime: My Review of the Beach Boys New Record

Today I woke up with a sunshine-yellow sticky note posted on my alarm clock. The note read, “New Beach Boys album is out today. Buy it.” With the musical debt I owe the band, though, I am not sure why I needed a note to remind me to purchase this record. 

Since this is a website dedicated to talking about my own music, you’re probably not expecting a full-fledged record review. But the Beach Boys’ music is such an integral part of the tapestry of my own influences (primarily Brian Wilson’s work) that I don’t see how I can neglect discussing this new album, their best work since 1977’s raw, synth-laden masterpiece Love You.

I am not typically excited about classic bands reuniting. However, in case you’ve been living in a hole these last couple of decades, you’ll know that the relationship between Mike Love and the rest of the band has been, at best, tense (Wilson has been dismissive of any sort of reunion). That’s why this reunion is such a big deal—considering that all of the remaining members have come together and played an integral part of writing and recording (with Wilson taking on production duties once again). 

Jun 3, 2012

"Freedom to Find EP" is coming June 12 for free download!

On June 12, I will release a free collection of songs called Freedom to Find EP, featuring six tracks from the forthcoming double-album Strange Currents.

These six songs are my gift to all of you for summer. The songs included represent the catchy, melodic, get-stuck-in-your-head side of the forthcoming album. These songs demand to be played loud on your car's stereo with windows down and an open road ahead.

On June 12, keep your eyes on the website for the link to the free download! Also, be sure to "join" the Facebook event and invite your friends!

The entire EP can be streamed by clicking the "Listen to Music" button above this post (up in the website menu-bar), or you can click here (or on the "Music Store" button above) to read more about the album, including the lyrics for every song!